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Quality Control

1. Equipped with PROE software, our technicians are able to make 3D designs for adapters and cables. This advanced technique also allows us to complete any kind of customized product.

2. This high-precision integrated tester is most often utilized to test resistor, diode and other electronic elements. It offers a strong guarantee to the quality of final product.

3. In order for better property, our testing machines include but limited to, bending tester, salt spray testing equipment and lifespan tester. With the technical support of the modern machinery, we gain a comprehensive evaluation to the bending capacity, rust resistance, cable tension and insertion & extraction force. Thus, all products provided by our firm are able to comply with special requirements of different service.

4. The goods are guaranteed for 12 months. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use. During the warranty period, Bennzs will replace or repair products at no charge. If you have special requirements, we can sign a contract.

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