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Through this virtual tour, you will have a general knowledge of our manufacturing machinery and processing conditions.

  • Peeling process
    Our workers are peeling wires to get the core. The whole process strictly complies with standard production requirements.

  • Automatic cutting machine
    This machine is highly efficient and time saving in cutting wires and cables.

  • Crimping process
    Terminals are crimped onto wire materials.

  • Assembly process
    Adapters and sockets are putting together here.

  • Soldering process
    Our experienced technicians are covering adapters and wires with tin.

  • Injection molding process
    Diagnostic adapters and cables are being formed.

  • Delivery
    Well-finished diagnostic adapters will soon be delivered worldwide.

  • Electrical test
    In the entire injection process, all parts must undergo electrical test for at least three times, thus ensuring 100% final quality,

  • High voltage test
    Four employees are conducting high voltage test to cables.

  • Labeling process
    Made using synthetic paper, all labels are anti-abrasion, waterproof and ultra-sticky.

  • Appearance test
    We conduct this test to ensure no abrasion and no breakage in our products.

  • Outgoing quality control
    Our workers will carry out a final test for products prior to leaving the factory.

  • Bending tester
    We introduce this testing device to decide the bending capacity of cables and guarantee them reaching different customer’s demands.

  • Salt spray testing instrument
    Salt spray test leads to good rust resistance of metal components.

  • Tension tester
    The tester is applied to determine the tension of crimp terminals and cables.

  • Insertion and extraction force testing equipment
    According to the test results, technicians can evaluate the service life and make improvement.

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